King of Nowhere
King of Nowhere
When you're going through Hell, keep going.

With time running out and the walls closing in an aging drug dealer only has one night to atone for a life of crime as he battles against an army of crooked cops, Russian gangsters and his former mentor.”


“King of Nowhere”  is the story of Malcolm Mayes, an aging drug dealer who is fresh out of jail . Back on the streets for the first time in years he sees how the world has moved forward without him.  Reflecting on a life wasted, he decides to make a change and sets a plan in motion to start a new life, far away from his boss and mentor, Jackson King.  

When Jackson’s son, LeSean sabotages a deal with Russian gangsters and a duffel bag full of money disappear, Malcolm is the only one left to blame.   Now it’s a race against time as Malcolm tries to find the missing money and the man who double-crossed him.   Hunted not only by the police but the very people who he considered family, Malcolm has to go deeper into the life of crime he vowed to escape. 

King of Nowhere is a character driven deconstruction of the crime genre.  It’s “Reservoir Dogs” meets “Moonlight”. The screenplay was recently selected as a top 10 finalist in BET Network & Paramount Players “Project Cre8” competition.

“The idea was simple, to make an art-house urban crime story.  A film who's roots lay in classic crime epics like "Goodfellas" & "Carlito's Way" but who's aspirations stretched far beyond your average bang bang shoot-em up. We want to make "Drive" for people of color, a "Scarface" for the internet generation.” 

- Jeff Stewart (Writer/Director)

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Kirk Ponton (Malcolm Mays)

Kirk Ponton launched his acting career as “Gruver” (nominated for Grand Jury Prize Best Actor at American Black Film Festival) in the critically acclaim independent film “The City Is Mine” directed by Patrick Pierre in 2008.  Since then, he has appeared in over a dozen films including the award winning “Blue Collar Boys” directed by Marc Nistico and the ADP Films horror classic “The Reunion” directed by Jeff Stewart. He also played the title character in Amazon Studios “The Velvet Elvis,” and “Dante” in the soon to be released critically acclaimed “Bad Frank” alongside Tom Sizemore and Kevin Interdonato.  Kirk recently had his theater debut as a part of the community ensemble in McCarter Theater’s famed “A Christmas Carol.” When he is not filming or performing, Kirk works as a mentor to developmentally disabled actors, musicians, and artists.


Shadner Ifrene (LeSean King)

The professionally trained New York actor is an alumnus of North Carolina State University's Black Repertory Theatre, debuting in the 2000 stage production of August Wilson's "Fences", in the role of Lyons.  After a brief stint pursing a music career as a Hip Hop artist, Shadner returned to his acting roots turning his sights towards film and television.  Soon after, Shadner landed one of the starring roles in the highly successful short film "Curveball," which was officially selected by 14 national film festivals, including a nomination for Best Short Film by HBO.

While establishing himself as an actor, Shadner has also found opportunities as a producer of several independent films.  Most recently, Shadner not only starred in, but co-produced the feature film "Love Isn't Enough": the story of an interracial marriage where conflict arises from glaring cultural differences, all while raising their son.  "Love Isn't Enough" went on to be officially selected by several national and international film festivals in 2016.  The year 2016 also proved to be Shadner Ifrene's most successful year to date in the industry, highlighted by booking a co-star role on FOX Network's hit TV show "Gotham" – alongside Hollywood A-lister, Jada-Pinkett Smith.  In the same year, Shadner Ifrene also got the opportunity to showcase his comedic chops in the hilarious Cumberland Farms commercial, produced and directed by "Funny or Die".

As an actor and performer, Shadner has accumulated a cool list of other TV and film credits which includes a co-star role in the popular daytime drama "General Hospital"; reenactment roles on Oprah Winfrey Network's "Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal" and Biography Channel's "Celebrity Ghost Stories"; and was a principal cast member of the TV pilot "Sensitive Men" which starred Whoopi Goldberg, Ron Artest (Metta World Peace), and French Stewart.  


Jensen Jacobs (Det. Sara Mankowitz)

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Kevin Ridgeway (Dimitri)

Kevin Ridgeway is an entrepreneur and actor from the Philadelphia area.  His aphorism has always been to experience all that life has to offer.  Whether touring in a band, acting, filming or starting various business ventures, Kevin has a life’s worth of experiences and passion which he puts into his work.  Kevin has been a part of multiple film endeavors including a full length feature film, which he co-started in.  Kevin is always the life of the party, “In the moment when you are laughing, you’re not focusing on the negativity.  By making someone laugh, I can temporarily take someone out of their own head and into the present moment, and that is the biggest reward,” he said.  Kevin lives to create using many different mediums.  Art, moments, memories, whichever his current focus is on, he gives it 110% every time.


Craig Kelly (Det. John Heidelberg)

Craig Kelly is the embodiment of talent. A life long actor, Craig infuses every role he is given with an almost supernatural ability to fully inhabit the character.  From comedy to drama, his commitment to every line uttered separates him from many of his peers.  With star making turns in such projects as "Velocity", "Drea", and "Death Has A Conscience", Craig has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with.


Lenny Steinline (Jackson King)

Lenny Has been featured in several major films and television movies alongside such actors as James Earle Jones (The Vernon John Story) & George C. Scott (Country Justice) and most recently has been seen cavorting with (Gus the Ground hog) in several Pa. Lottery commercials, This spring he will be featured in an up coming Nancy Glass Entertainment Film titled “How to Get Girls” A film By Zach Fox with Chris Katan (Saturday Night Live & One Night at The Roxy) and Kate Flannery (The Office) Playing Kate’s uptight over sensitive husband.   Lenny also participates in Student & Independent films Philadelphia and New York.

A professional actor for over 25 years Lenny’s talents range form theatrical, voice over, film & television, commercial, print work, directing & producing.


Nick twist (Ivan)

"I'm a lifelong Jersey resident and I love it. I started my acting debut through comedy performances at open mic nights at a local club that was called the Urban Word Café, in Trenton, NJ. I did some standup  and soon after I was approached to work on a film in 2001 from a local Trenton director. Over the years I acted in several films with supporting character work and did more standup at open mics at various places in NJ and MD. Some films I have been in include: Toxic Fetus, Our Lady of Swallows, Spinky’s Singing Winky (Voice work), M is for Martyr, and Sodomaniac. I love acting and I’m very good at comedic characters, though I have been itching to get into some more serious roles in the future."


Katy Ochoa (Felicia)

Katy is a Philadelphia based actress who made her way to the big city from Eastern Kentucky 4 years ago to pursue her career.  Since being in Philly she has steadily grown her resume to include film acting, as well as building more on her theater base.  She is very grateful to have the opportunity to play Felicia in 'King of Nowhere' as Felicia is unlike any character Katy has played before and this is the first feature film she has been in.

Weird is, as weird does.

Weird is, as weird does.

Jeff Stewart (Writer/Director)

Jeff is a true child of the 80s. He was raised just as much by television and movies as he was by his parents. Given his first camera when he was two years old, he hasn't been seen without one since. His love of photography and what some my say as a gift of storytelling propelled him to attend New York University & Temple University to pursue a degree in filmmaking and creative writing. Some of his work include the award-winning web series "Velocity" ( Produced in conjunction with YouTube), "The Velvet Elvis" (Produced by Amazon), & ABC's of Death 2,5 (Produced by Drafthouse Films & Timpson Films).


C.B. Kaczor (Writer/Producer)

C.B. has been described as a jack-of-all-trades and the MacGyver of film production.  He brings his varied backgrounds of construction and fabrication to help make the magic of filmmaking happen, both on set, and in production.  On set, C.B. offers quick and practical solutions to inevitable problems that arise.  He also contributes significantly through his ability to construct props & sets, as well as any specialty rigs needed for filming.  As co-founder of A Different Path Films, C.B. brought the business side to film production, specifically adding his talents of finance to compliment the art side of the business.


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