With time running out and the walls closing in an aging drug dealer only has one night to atone for a life of crime as he battles against an army of crooked cops, Russian gangsters and his former mentor.”


“King of Nowhere”  is the story of Malcolm Mayes, an aging drug dealer who is fresh out of jail . Back on the streets for the first time in years he sees how the world has moved forward without him.  Reflecting on a life wasted, he decides to make a change and sets a plan in motion to start a new life, far away from his boss and mentor, Jackson King.  

When Jackson’s son, LeSean sabotages a deal with Russian gangsters and a duffel bag full of money disappear, Malcolm is the only one left to blame.   Now it’s a race against time as Malcolm tries to find the missing money and the man who double-crossed him.   Hunted not only by the police but the very people who he considered family, Malcolm has to go deeper into the life of crime he vowed to escape. 

King of Nowhere is a character driven deconstruction of the crime genre.  It’s “Reservoir Dogs” meets “Moonlight”. The screenplay was recently selected as a top 10 finalist in BET Network & Paramount Players “Project Cre8” competition.

“The idea was simple, to make an art-house urban crime story.  A film who's roots lay in classic crime epics like "Goodfellas" & "Carlito's Way" but who's aspirations stretched far beyond your average bang bang shoot-em up. We want to make "Drive" for people of color, a "Scarface" for the internet generation.” 

- Jeff Stewart (Writer/Director)

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