Kevin Ridgeway (Dimitri)

Kevin Ridgeway is an entrepreneur and actor from the Philadelphia area.  His aphorism has always been to experience all that life has to offer.  Whether touring in a band, acting, filming or starting various business ventures, Kevin has a life’s worth of experiences and passion which he puts into his work.  Kevin has been a part of multiple film endeavors including a full length feature film, which he co-started in.  Kevin is always the life of the party, “In the moment when you are laughing, you’re not focusing on the negativity.  By making someone laugh, I can temporarily take someone out of their own head and into the present moment, and that is the biggest reward,” he said.  Kevin lives to create using many different mediums.  Art, moments, memories, whichever his current focus is on, he gives it 110% every time.


Craig Kelly (Det. John Heidelberg)

Craig Kelly is the embodiment of talent. A life long actor, Craig infuses every role he is given with an almost supernatural ability to fully inhabit the character.  From comedy to drama, his commitment to every line uttered separates him from many of his peers.  With star making turns in such projects as "Velocity", "Drea", and "Death Has A Conscience", Craig has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with.


Lenny Steinline (Jackson King)

Lenny Has been featured in several major films and television movies alongside such actors as James Earle Jones (The Vernon John Story) & George C. Scott (Country Justice) and most recently has been seen cavorting with (Gus the Ground hog) in several Pa. Lottery commercials, This spring he will be featured in an up coming Nancy Glass Entertainment Film titled “How to Get Girls” A film By Zach Fox with Chris Katan (Saturday Night Live & One Night at The Roxy) and Kate Flannery (The Office) Playing Kate’s uptight over sensitive husband.   Lenny also participates in Student & Independent films Philadelphia and New York.

A professional actor for over 25 years Lenny’s talents range form theatrical, voice over, film & television, commercial, print work, directing & producing.