Nick twist (Ivan)

"I'm a lifelong Jersey resident and I love it. I started my acting debut through comedy performances at open mic nights at a local club that was called the Urban Word Café, in Trenton, NJ. I did some standup  and soon after I was approached to work on a film in 2001 from a local Trenton director. Over the years I acted in several films with supporting character work and did more standup at open mics at various places in NJ and MD. Some films I have been in include: Toxic Fetus, Our Lady of Swallows, Spinky’s Singing Winky (Voice work), M is for Martyr, and Sodomaniac. I love acting and I’m very good at comedic characters, though I have been itching to get into some more serious roles in the future."


Katy Ochoa (Felicia)

Katy is a Philadelphia based actress who made her way to the big city from Eastern Kentucky 4 years ago to pursue her career.  Since being in Philly she has steadily grown her resume to include film acting, as well as building more on her theater base.  She is very grateful to have the opportunity to play Felicia in 'King of Nowhere' as Felicia is unlike any character Katy has played before and this is the first feature film she has been in.